This is a tough question, I asked this many domainers on the recent Traffic conference in Las Vegas and most of them did not think about it.  As a Fund manager of a Domain Fund, I need to carefully evaluate if this is a threat or not. Let me share my thoughts with you, first the bad news: lots of traffic will be coming from online devices in the future, no doubt about this. perhaps in some years more than land based traffic, lots of more apps will come and what i could not believe that even data intensive and complicated applications can be run easily in an app, is one of them, forex trading another one and programmers improve every day on this task. Another bad news is that people who are connecting from the iPhone, nexus and blackberrys or the top-advertising targets and therefore lots of advertising will end up in apps. Another good thing about apps is that finally you can ask for money for all of these little services and you don’t need to cover expenses and development costs  with advertising.

Now what are the good news ? first, there are only 150.000 apps now and 280 mio. websites, so it’s a different job arranging apps. in a store (and already now there are many double names in apples app store), sooner or later there will be a system in place to arrange even more apps. Probably domainholders will claim their names from app. developers in the same way that trademark holders claim their intellectual property from domain owners. Next Browsertechnology might change completely allowing browsers act like apps by just surfing to a domain that detects the device and sends the software on the fly, especially with growing speed in mobile networks. The fact that Apple has finally made micropayement possible for app-based services might also mean that the time is ready to see if users are ready to pay for services on desktops as well. And one more thing that makes me bullish for Domains is that there is another revolution waiting for the desktop computer and that is 3D.