Now this is what most Domainers are looking at: get a dictionary word domain in a big TLD. Now there are several ways to do this and I will discuss some of them here. One that I will not discuss is the one by spending lots of money and buy one, depending on the word, it might cost you anywhere from 5000 USD to 10 Million USD and in some cases even more. The other way is to look out for those words that will hit the dictionary soon or have just been added, there are many sites on the web that discuss suggestions for new words and the dictionaries give information on the words that they will include in their next edition, some of them can have a great future. This is generally refered to as Neology, words that are just forming but have not hit mainstream yet. There a couple of places where to look for them,a fun way to look for new words is Literature, preferably science fiction, other areas are science, politics, popular culture and corporate language, the earlier you are in, the better to chances to register them. Typical examples of such new words are: glocalisation (1980s), Republicrat(1985), Islamophobia (1991 and the WordPress spell check knows it allre ), affluenza (1997), Saddlebacking (2009), webinar (2000s), blog (late 90s), frisbee (1980s),  and snowclone (2004).

How to find them ? lots of sites on the web are discussing new words, most of them without any connection to the domain space. But you could easily come up with your own word, think of any phenomena that has to be described, a sickness, a state of mind, a technology (that will work fastest), a political strategy and invent a new word for it, preferably a noun. Register the word and all connected Domains and then go to work, make a blog, write articles, use it in conversations, on YouTube, just anywhere you can, maybe you are working in PR or sales, smuggle it in the documents of your clients, use it in Banner and text ads,  it might take some  time but if you work on it, you can make it into the dictionary and your Domains will become expensive.