Estimating the value of domains is one of the keys to success in the domain market, with fancy domains ist easy, it’s a question of taste and feeling, with traffic domains it’s a calculation, but some of the biggest chances in Domains is in keywords connected to industries, especially in emerging TLD´s. So the main question is, how big is the industry and how great are the chances of an economy. One of the best tools to look at the growth of economies (besides good old Wikipedia)  is, a tool developed by the famous Hans Rosling, a frequent guest at TED. Gapminder is a statistical tool displaying key data from 200 countries worldwide over the past 50 to sometimes 100 years. Besides the growth of countries and their infrastructure status, the tools allows to track the growth of main industry sectors such as agriculture, education, communication etc. Some of the industries have a size of 1 to 5 Billion USD per year, yet their key word or words are not even registered. Now if you guess this one, its yours: The name of the top-traded commodity in the world is not registered in the country that produces every year about 60 Billion USD worth of this commodity.