Imagine your ancestors bought real estate on New York´s 5th Avenue 200 years ago,  at Place Vendome in Paris, or maybe in Monaco, at a time when land in these localities was not worth much and available at very low rates. Let’s go a little further and imagine that in some cases, the ground was even free to take and they just had to start building on it. This is exactly the situation on the Web at present. After twenty years of WorldWideWeb, there still are numerous comparable opportunities only waiting to be taken. Some locations in the address topology of the Web might be very expensive nowadays. went for 5,5 million USD, for as much as 12 million USD. But think about it: there is only one, and there will never be another one. Even in real estate, markets are prone to change, with specific objects continually developing in one direction or another, for the better or the worse.

Online however, a Premium Domain name will remain a Premium Domain name forever, or at least as long as the respective word (or combination of words) is in usage. Hence domain names may rightly be called the real estate of the Web- traffic is produced by people looking for particular words/things, and the more attractive the word/thing, the more traffic will be drawn to the site- just like with real estate. With an ever growing online market and the consumers’ increasing tendency towards buying goods online, there is yet another feature of domain names one might consider: a prospective buyer will, rather than search for a specific brand, look for a certain product or service in general terms first, which means that all domains relevant in the respective markets will be in high demand and extremely valuable for the various enterprises keen to gain the clients for their products at the earliest moment possible once they have entered the Web.