One very common assumption people make when it comes to domain marketing is that the great names in the field are already taken and that the good ones still available are too expensive to acquire. This observation is false. First, there are still many great names to be registered, especially if one does not confine oneself  to “.com”- domains exclusively but also considers other TLDs, say that of India. With India’s English speaking population being the second largest in the world, the country’s fast growing markets are without doubt among the most promising ones, which is, of course, also true for the domain name market. Also, many great names can still be bought at reasonable rates and since prices don’t but reflect a momentary situation, one must, especially given the rate at which the internet is growing and advertising expenditure is rising, acknowledge that the future of domains is going to be a bright one. There are further aspects we must account for when analyzing the developmental opportunities of the market.

Take people’s power of imagination: Once in the past something that had never happened before and surely up to that point had been thought impossible by the greater part of people in the world, suddenly became reality: Someone paid one million dollars for a domain. A dam was broken, and soon, other transactions of that or an even bigger scale were to follow. The same will be true for a good many of TLDs that are yet hardly appreciated : nobody is likely to pay one million dollars for a Chinese domain today, but hardly anybody would have done so for a German domain in 2003 either; once a breakthrough is achieved, it is very likely to drag the whole market along. One more example: in domain marketing as in real estate, there are numerous ways of turning property into a source of capital. With experience and expertise, the right tools and the right people, one will certainly excel in the industry. A domain that generates 100USD a year might be sold for 500USD; with the right handling though the very same domain can be adapted to achieve a 1000 USD profit  by another owner. This is just one example illustrating what treasures are still to be found on the domain market.